MAINTENANCE (LIGHTING AND EMERGENCY LIGHTS) // Ensure your business looks professional and meets emergency lighting safety regulations with a regular lighting Maintenance contract.

AUTOMATION EQUIPMENT // Regular Maintenance and repairs on a variety of automated equipment including conveyor systems, plant and machinery, food processing lines or horticulture lines.

TESTING AND TAGGING // NSW safety standards require regular inspection and testing of electrical appliances by a qualified electrician – identify damage, wear and electrical faults before they affect your business or the safety of your employees. 

RELOCATING PREMISES/FITOUTS // Complete or partial fitouts for all industrial applications; Nu Electrical provides honest advice and affordable rates to get your new business up and running or enable a smooth transition from your previous location.

ENERGY EFFICIENT LIGHTING UPGRADES // An energy efficient lighting upgrade is one of the quickest and easiest ways to cut your business overheads. Replacing your fluorescent tubes or hi bays with LED equivalents will immediately and significantly reduce your energy bill, as well as reducing maintenance costs and improving lighting quality. 

SWITCHBOARD MAINTENANCE AND UPGRADES // Industrial switchboard upgrades are often required to replace outdated and potentially dangerous components, to cope with load increases or to convert to 3-phase to support high-energy consuming machinery. We also offer preventative maintenance and routine inspections for switchboard repairs.

DATA (CABLING, INSTALLATION OF RACKS, PATCH PANELS, DATA POINTS, TV AND FOXTEL INSTALLS) // Implement cable management systems to tidy your industrial workplace, reduce trip hazards and maximise productivity; organise your messy data racks, server rooms and patch panels for ease of use by your employees and contractors. 

EXIT AND EMERGENCY LIGHTING // Our electricians are licensed to carry out all installation and maintenance of exit and emergency lighting systems. These require testing at 6 monthly intervals in accordance with lighting installation Australian Standards-AS2293.1-2005.

FAULT FINDING // We use a systematic approach to determine electrical faults and carry out wiring, circuit and electrical repairs to solve the issue, with minimal impact to your business. 

SMOKE DETECTORS // Meet your strata/business requirements and remain compliant through regular testing and correct placement or detectors

AUDIO VISUAL // Nu Electrical can assist with all your audio visual needs, from hardwired to wireless solutions, conference or dynamic display setups.

AFTER HOURS ELECTRICIAN // Can’t afford down time or business interruptions? Nu Electrical offers after-hours electrical and data services.